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Tested & Guaranteed

Registered International Quality System

We're leather care experts. We understand that if well looked after your leather can last a lifetime. That's why we only use the finest, natural ingredients like beeswax, carnauba wax emu oil and lanolin at the right percentages – because leather is a natural surface and natural beats nasty, every time.

We strive for the perfect finish. Our products have been researched and developed over the past 25 years for superior performance. But don't just take our word for it – all of our Household and Automotive leather care products have been independently tested and exceed international standards. Now that's the perfect finish!

Finish Adhesion
Flex Endurance
Colour Fastness
Rub Fastness

ISO 11644 – Finish Adhesion
Once applied our products stay on your leather (not your clothes).

ISO 5402 – Flex Endurance
No more cracked leather. Even when flexed 50,000 times!

ISO 105-B02 – Colour Fastness
Say goodbye to fading caused by UV rays.

ISO 11640 – Rub Fastness
Say goodbye to fading caused by friction.

Testing also revealed that Oakwood leather care products:

  • Cause no deterioration in the finish of high quality accessory, furniture & automotive upholstery leathers that are of the international quality standard.
  • Provide an effective barrier against spills when rapidly cleaned away.
  • Increase the gloss level of leather finish (Leather Hydrating Cream).