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Senior Pets

Recognising that your dog is a ‘senior’ is the first step to preventative health care. There is considerable breed variation in the aging process with smaller dogs tending to live longer than larger breeds. Dogs less than 10kg are considered senior at about 8 years, medium dogs around 7 years and dogs over 40kgs are senior from the age of 6.

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About our Premises Flea Spray

Oakwood Premises Flea Spray is a very effective insecticidal spray intended to treat the environment of dogs and cats to eliminate fleas. 

Protects spray areas up to 12 months against the emergence of fleas from eggs and larvae.
Protects the environment for up to 3 weeks against adult fleas which might invade the premises from outside via the animals.
Suitable for use in all indoor and odour areas such as kennels, pet bedding, pet clothing, chairs and, carpet.
Ideal to use in conjunction with Oakwood Flea Shampoo for Dogs with Sensitive Skin. To eliminate fleas form your dog.

Part of OAKWOOD’s Fleas Solution Range

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Step head this Spring with clean leather boots

Have you spent the winter jumping through muddy puddles and giving your leather boots plenty of wear and tear? Now it’s time to give them a fresh spring clean. 

Good quality leather needs plenty of proper attention. If you care for your boots regularly– with our Restore, shine and maintain system you’ll find that they stay trim and soft; and last twice as long. 

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Pet Grooming Tips!

Regular grooming should be an essential part of your pet’s health care routine and grooming is a good opportunity to give your pet a good check over for fleas, signs of irritation or any lumps that may require veterinary care. All dogs and cats require some brushing but the amount of time spent each week varies hugely between breeds and type of coat. Some long -haired breeds require brushing nearly every day, while those with shorter coats may only need a brush once a week.

A good time to brush your pet is when they are relaxed. For dogs, this is usually after a walk and for cats when they are chilled out and ready for a nap.  Get them used to being handled all over from a young age and keep grooming sessions very short when you start. A grooming mitt, like the Oakwood Pet Grooming Glove is the perfect tool to help get puppies and kittens used to being brushed.  The glove is gentle and removes loose hair as it massages the coat.  This glove is also great for adult pets that are wary of regular brushing.

Your grooming routine should also include and cleaning ears and trimming nails as necessary.

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Looking after your pet in winter

Winter can be dangerous for eldery and young pets. It is important to ensure you are taking special care of them in the colder months. 

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Ten Tips to keep pets cool this summer

Summer is a perfect time to make the most of warmer weather and longer days by spending more time with your pet. Your furry friends may need some extra care to help them keep their cool and safe.

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Keeping your electricity bill down

It can be expensive to keep your home cosy and warm during the winter months. Here are some tips to create a well-heated home environment, without breaking the bank.

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How to have a sustainable Christmas

Get into the swing of Christmas this year without a hefty carbon footprint! Here are 5 ways to create a wholesome and eco-friendly family Christmas at home.

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Jake Hunter in Europe

 This month Jake Hunter shares with us his most recent experiences and achievements whilst travelling around the world. Jake is proudly sponsored by Oakwood and we are excited to see what the future holds for this young talent.   

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5 easy craft activities you can enjoy with your kids this Easter

 Easter is a very special time to spend with family and friends. While many of us associate Easter morning with a chocolate egg Easter hunt, there are plenty of crafty alternatives to make Easter just as enjoyable, but without the sugar-hit! 

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