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10 fun and thrifty ways to re-decorate your home for 2015.

 Would you like to re-decorate your home on a budget? This week Arabella is sharing with you 10 fun and thrifty ways to re-decorate and ‪freshen‬ your home for 2015!

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8 reasons why daily exercise is great for your pooch.

 We all know that regular exercise offers many health benefits to humans, but exercise has huge benefits for dogs of all ages too. Dr Katrina Warren talks about pet health and fitness this month, here are 8 reasons why daily exercise is great for your pooch.

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Travelling with your Pets!

Are you planning on travelling with your pet over this summer holiday period? Oakwood Pet Care Ambassador Dr Katrina Warren, shares with us her tips on travelling with pets!

Nothing is more fun than a family holiday when the four-legged friends are invited too but careful preparation is important to ensuring the whole family has a safe and healthy time. Get some more tips here:

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A household freezer storage guide for the summer months

Have you ever had lots of food left over from weekend celebrations? 

Freezing fruits and vegetables in summer is an excellent way to ensure that you have access to this produce throughout the year. Almost every fruit and vegetable can be frozen; either packed in bulk, or mixed-and-matched into pre-made meals for convenient last minute dishes.

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Jake Hunter - 2014 Youth Olympic Games Bronze Medallist

Oakwood is a proud Sponsor and Supporter of Show jumping sensation Jake Hunter!  Jake is a Australian Show Jumping Athlete who successfuly competed at the youth Olympic Games in Nanjing China and won a bronze medal. He also has recently been selected as a finalist for NSW Young Athlete of the year 2014! Just the start of a successful future in Show Jumping that Jake intends to achieve. Jake shares with us his achievements, experiences and future goals! Read More Here..

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5 ways to waste less and save money this festive season

How tight is your budget during this festive season? We have 5 tips on how to waste less and save more during this festive season. Following these tips can be handy as while this season it might be considered the ‘silly season’, Australians are predicted to spend up to $10 billion on food during December and January, with up to 35% going to waste. Read More Here… 

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Alane Moore & Polocrosse

Hi everyone! My name is Alane Moore and I’ve been a long term Polocrosse Enthusiast since I was a child and an employee at Oakwood since June 2014! I thought I’d let you know a little bit about myself and share with you how I got into horse riding and polocrosse, as well as the number one thing I love about the Polocrosse sport!

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Top Puppy Training Tips

Top Puppy Training Tips

There’s nothing quite like the fun and delight of a new puppy. Choosing a four-legged family member and bringing them into your home is an exciting time.  Right from the start, thoughtful care and management is really important; your actions in the first few months will influence your puppy’s behavior for life.

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Puppy Handling & Grooming Tips

Handling and Grooming your Puppy

Teaching your puppy to enjoy being handled and groomed is essential.  It’s much nicer and easier to own a dog that actually enjoys being touched and this behaviour starts by teaching your puppy to like it from the very start.

The idea is to teach your puppy that every time you touch/handle them in different areas, they get rewarded with lots of treats. For example, you touch your puppy’s tail and give them a treat, then you touch your puppy’s foot and give another treat.  You want your puppy to enjoy this interaction into their personal space.  You also need to recognize the areas that your puppy is uncomfortable about and take these areas slowly. It’s important to take your time and work within your puppy’s tolerance.

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Tips for washing your cat

Cats are fastidiously clean animals, known for taking good care of themselves. Despite keeping their own coats well groomed, there are some instances when cats definitely require a wash – medical reasons, a toxic substance on their coat or because they’re just plain dirty.

Amazingly, not all cats hate having a bath - some even seem to enjoy it, in fact there are breeds like the Turkish Van cat, that are known for their love of water. Generally cats that have had pleasant bathing experiences since they were kittens are more likely to tolerate being washed.

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