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Tackling Paralysis ticks

The Australian paralysis tick is a very dangerous little creature responsible for the death of hundreds of dogs and cats each year. It lives in bushy coastal areas along the eastern seaboard of Australia from north Queensland to eastern Victoria. Ticks are most prevalent from spring to autumn however they may occur at any time of year.


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Help! My Dog Chews Everything

Chewing is a perfectly natural behaviour for dogs – it’s instinctive and most dogs clearly enjoy it. Problems arise, however, when dogs chew things they shouldn’t. From a dog’s perspective it can be very hard to work out what they are and aren’t allowed to chew and this can be very frustrating for their owners.  But the good news is that it is possible to understand why your dog is chewing and how to stop it.

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Looking after your pet in winter

Winter can be dangerous for eldery and young pets. It is important to ensure you are taking special care of them in the colder months. This Month Dr Katrina Warren shares with us her tips on looking after your pet in winter!

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Pet Grooming Tips!

Do you need some tips and tricks for grooming your pet? Regular grooming should be an essential part of your pet’s health care routine and also, grooming is a good opportunity to give your pet a good check over for fleas, signs of irritation or any lumps that may require veterinary care.This Month Dr Katrina Warren shares with us her tips and tricks for grooming your pet!

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8 reasons why daily exercise is great for your pooch.

 We all know that regular exercise offers many health benefits to humans, but exercise has huge benefits for dogs of all ages too. Dr Katrina Warren talks about pet health and fitness this month, here are 8 reasons why daily exercise is great for your pooch.

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Travelling with your Pets!

Are you planning on travelling with your pet over this summer holiday period? Oakwood Pet Care Ambassador Dr Katrina Warren, shares with us her tips on travelling with pets!

Nothing is more fun than a family holiday when the four-legged friends are invited too but careful preparation is important to ensuring the whole family has a safe and healthy time. Get some more tips here:

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Ten Tips for Keeping Pets Cool this Summer

Summer is a perfect time to make the most of warmer weather and longer daylight hours by spending more time with your pet. Summer in Australia can also mean very hot, dry conditions and your four-legged friends may need some extra care to help them keep their cool. Read More from Dr Katrina Warren Here:

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Puppy Handling & Grooming Tips

Handling and Grooming your Puppy

Teaching your puppy to enjoy being handled and groomed is essential.  It’s much nicer and easier to own a dog that actually enjoys being touched and this behaviour starts by teaching your puppy to like it from the very start.

The idea is to teach your puppy that every time you touch/handle them in different areas, they get rewarded with lots of treats. For example, you touch your puppy’s tail and give them a treat, then you touch your puppy’s foot and give another treat.  You want your puppy to enjoy this interaction into their personal space.  You also need to recognize the areas that your puppy is uncomfortable about and take these areas slowly. It’s important to take your time and work within your puppy’s tolerance.

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Boredom Busting Tips for your Pet

Pet owners are familiar with the joy and benefits our animal companions bring to our lives.  But sometimes things don’t go as planned and problems arise.  It’s not surprising when you consider that the way we live with our pets is changing. 

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Washing your puppy for the first time

A puppy’s first experience in the bathtub creates a lasting impression, so it is really important to make their few first baths relaxing and enjoyable. Get your puppy used to the concept of bathing slowly. To start, reward your puppy for just being in the bath area, without actually being washed. Make this area a fun place to be, as this will make bath time easier in the future.

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