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About our Premises Flea Spray

Oakwood Premises Flea Spray is a very effective insecticidal spray intended to treat the environment of dogs and cats to eliminate fleas. 

Protects spray areas up to 12 months against the emergence of fleas from eggs and larvae.
Protects the environment for up to 3 weeks against adult fleas which might invade the premises from outside via the animals.
Suitable for use in all indoor and odour areas such as kennels, pet bedding, pet clothing, chairs and, carpet.
Ideal to use in conjunction with Oakwood Flea Shampoo for Dogs with Sensitive Skin. To eliminate fleas form your dog.

Part of OAKWOOD’s Fleas Solution Range

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Ten Tips to keep pets cool this summer

Summer is a perfect time to make the most of warmer weather and longer days by spending more time with your pet. Your furry friends may need some extra care to help them keep their cool and safe.

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HELP- My cat scratches the furniture

Scratching of the furniture is one of the most common complains of cat owners and is a common reason for cats to be surrendered. It is important to understand that scratching is a natural behaviour for cats. It is how they remove the outer sheath of their claws, to expose their new sharper claws. It is not a behaviour that you can actually stop but there are several things you can do to prevent your furniture being ruined.

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Help! My Dog Chews Everything

Chewing is a perfectly natural behaviour for dogs – it’s instinctive and most dogs clearly enjoy it. Problems arise, however, when dogs chew things they shouldn’t. From a dog’s perspective it can be very hard to work out what they are and aren’t allowed to chew and this can be very frustrating for their owners.  But the good news is that it is possible to understand why your dog is chewing and how to stop it.

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Travelling with your Pets!

Are you planning on travelling with your pet over this summer holiday period? Oakwood Pet Care Ambassador Dr Katrina Warren, shares with us her tips on travelling with pets!

Nothing is more fun than a family holiday when the four-legged friends are invited too but careful preparation is important to ensuring the whole family has a safe and healthy time. Get some more tips here:

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Boredom Busting Tips for your Pet

Pet owners are familiar with the joy and benefits our animal companions bring to our lives.  But sometimes things don’t go as planned and problems arise.  It’s not surprising when you consider that the way we live with our pets is changing. 

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Australia’s first online puppy and adolescent dog training has launched

 We have some exciting news for dog lovers to share! 

TV veterinarian, Dr Katrina Warren, and professional dog trainer, Kelly Gill, have today launched Australia’s first online puppy and adolescent dog training program, the Pet Lovers Puppy Club, which provides everything you need to set your puppy up for life.

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Loosing Your Mind Over Loose Hair?

Isn't it lovely when your pet snuggles next to you when you watch TV? 

Except for all the hair that is left on your furniture, shed all over your clothes and living room rugs. If your pets are leaving behind a blanket of fur, than you are not alone! Here are some tips to keep the pet hair at bayFor all you out there with pets, who just can’t keep their paws off the furniture, here are some simple tips to reduce the mass of fur being spread around the house.

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‘Pet Pic’ Competition Runners Up

We had so much trouble picking only 3 winners for our 'Pet Pic' Competition, that we decided to hand out 5 extra Highly Commended Awards for Most Mischief, Biggest Smile, Most Patient, Best Dressed and Grumpiest.

Can you guess who won which one?

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Facebook Pet Pic Competition 2013

These are the winners of our 2013 Facebook Pet Pic Competition. Aren't they beauties?

Santa's Little Helper (top picture) was the winner of the first prize! Her name is Hope, a rescue pup waiting for her Furever home in QLD! The prizes will be shared with her brothers and sisters in foster care.

Runners up went to photogenic Baloo, and the grumpiest Lion King out there! Congratulations guys!

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