5 ways to catch up on spring cleaning

Nov. 19, 2015


As the days become longer and the weather warms up, it’s a good time to freshen up the home and clear out the dust and cobwebs from the cooler months. If you already haven’t done so, don’t stress here are some ways to spring clean your home!

Here are 5 thrifty ways to spring clean your room

Air out your bedding

Warmer weather provides an excellent opportunity to freshen up your bedding and flush out any winter mites that might have accumulated during winter. Try hanging out your doonas, blankets and pillows on warm sunny days. Dry heat works to kill off dustmite and their eggs, and it leaves the linen feeling crisp and dry.

Polish up your furniture

Now is the perfect time to give your leather furniture a fresh clean and wipe off any scuff marks that may have developed during the colder months. Start with a moist cloth to remove any dirt, then follow with a brisk polish using Oakwood Leather Care Hydrating Cream.

Spritz up your carpets

Carpets can accumulate layers of dirt and grime during the winter months. A steam-cleaning treatment is a great way to improve the hygiene and appearance of your floors. If you have the budget, it’s worthwhile to have your carpets done every few months – particularly if you have pets or little ones running about the home. Make sure you open up all the windows and ventilate the home well before and after the clean.

Bring in the light!

There is nothing more bothersome than looking out onto the beautiful spring weather only to find your gaze clouded by murky glass and patches of grease and grime. Windows provide a central source of light in every home and their cleanliness will impact their clarity and view. If you are cleaning them from the inside, make sure you use a vinegar and water solution which is non-toxic and an excellent cleaning solution.

Let Spring In!

There is a wonderful quotation by Margaret Olley that states ‘if your house is messy, simply bring in a bunch of fresh flowers’. Flowers are a beautiful way to add freshness and colour in any home and spring is the best time to be out in the garden. Try picking wildflowers or an assortment of floral herbs and spring blooms. If all else fails, head to your local florist!


Arabella Forge – Brand Ambassador & Household Expert

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