About our Premises Flea Spray

Feb. 12, 2020

Oakwood Premises Flea Spray is a very effective insecticidal spray intended to treat the environment of dogs and cats to eliminate fleas. 

Protects spray areas up to 12 months against the emergence of fleas from eggs and larvae.
Protects the environment for up to 3 weeks against adult fleas which might invade the premises from outside via the animals.
Suitable for use in all indoor and odour areas such as kennels, pet bedding, pet clothing, chairs and, carpet.
Ideal to use in conjunction with Oakwood Flea Shampoo for Dogs with Sensitive Skin. To eliminate fleas form your dog.

Part of OAKWOOD’s Fleas Solution Range

Some key facts to know:

Fleas can cause serious health problems from dogs including itching, lesions, allergies, infections and parasite-born diseases.
Oakwood offers a flea solution for the dog and for ongoing environmental control. Here are some key steps you can take to keep fleas under control on your pet and within your home:

Flea infestations of pets and homes are common.
95% of the flea population is in a form of eggs, larvae or pupae stages, which are not visible to the human eye.
95% of flea’s life is spent off the pet and in the environment.

Elimination of existing flea’s on pets.
Ongoing flea control and continued elimination of fleas on the pet.
Prevention of subsequent reinfestation by treating the environment.

How to use: 

Clear the environment of pets and persons.

Wear elbow-length PVC gloves and spray 25mL per m2. 500mL of spray will cover 20m2.
Apply the SPRAY directly onto objects or premises to be treated, holding the container at 20cm from the surface to be sprayed: kennels, pet bedding, chairs, carpet, under the furniture.

PRECAUTIONS: Remove or cover fish tanks before use. DO NOT spray directly on humans, pets, plants, exposed food, food preparation areas or food utensils.
DO NOT spray near naked flames, pilot lights or cigarettes.

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