Step head this Spring with clean leather boots

Feb. 10, 2020

Have you spent the winter jumping through muddy puddles and giving your leather boots plenty of wear and tear? Now it’s time to give them a fresh spring clean. 

Good quality leather needs plenty of proper attention. If you care for your boots regularly– with our Restore, shine and maintain system you’ll find that they stay trim and soft; and last twice as long. 

Quick and Easy, Cleaning System:

Even though the term ‘spring clean’ denotes cleaning during springtime, it should be done as regularly as possible; in fact, whenever to keep your leather from becoming dry and brittle we recommend cleaning and conditioning every 2 -3 months, This may vary depending on how often you wear them.  

To start with, clean off any excess grime from the leather. If your boots are really dirty, it’s worth washing them and allowing them to dry before you start.
Next, restore your leather (black) with our renovating polish with nourishing dyes to provide superior scuff coverage. For in-between cleans and instant shine use our Instant Shine Wipes which will shine and protect your leather boots. Lastly, maintain your leather boots with our premium Dubbin, which contains a rich blend of waxes and oils that nourish and preserve, while also providing water repellent protection.

TIP: Nourish your leather with our Hydrating Leather Conditioner that penetrates leather to moisturise.


Quick and easy DIY boot deodorizer:

Mix together 1 tablespoon each of arrowroot powder, bicarbonate of soda and whole cloves. Divide in two. Cut a large piece of natural fabric (cotton, linen or silk) into 2 x 15cm squares. Separate the squares and pour a mound of the clove mixture onto the centre of each square. Wrap up the fabric from the sides and tie the ends together with string. You will have two sachets of boot deodorizer ready to store in your winter boots. 

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