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Automotive Everyday Vinyl & Plastic Protectant for Dashboards and Trimmings (UV Protection)


Perfect for dashboard and trimmings within your car.

The specially formulated spray protects areas from harmful UV (UVA and UVB) exposure, restores shine and enhances long-lasting colour to surfaces for a ‘like new’ finish.

Perfect for regular maintenance, providing UV protection and restoring shine to the dashboard or trimmings within your car.

Contains moisturising oils & UV Guard

Special cleansing oils clean and restore colour for added shine. Provides a UV protective shield to block damaging UVA and UVB rays from direct sunlight to help preventing colour fading.

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How to use this product

  1. Wipe off surface dust and dirt.
  2. Spray evenly across surface area.
  3. Wipe across surfaces with a soft cloth before buffing off any excess.

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“Hi there, I have used all of your automotive products and they are amazing. The odour eliminator removed an odour from old food in my car that even a professional steam clean could not fix. Thank you for releasing products that actually work as described and well priced too. ” David Calderara