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Leather Conditioner for Leather Saddles, Tack and Accessories
125mL, 500mL, 1LT


Oakwood’s famous Leather Conditioner provides intense rehydration of saddlery gear, while softening leather and repelling water and stains for overall protection of your gear.

Oakwood Leather Conditioner is perfect for regular use on use on your new and old saddles, harness gear, boots and accessories. Also perfect for exotic leathers.

This unique leather dressing cream, contains a careful balance of natural nourishing waxes and oils including lanolin, beeswax, emu oil, tea tree and eucalyptus oil.  Regular use of Oakwood Leather Conditioner will help maintain and improve the resilience and durability of your leather articles.

Using Oakwood's leather care products will guarantee all your leather gear, will be kept in quality condition.

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Suitable for

  • Leather saddlery and tack.
  • Harness gear.
  • Shoes and boots.
  • Handbags.
  • Leather jackets.
  • Sports gear and accessories.

How to use this product

Step 1 Remove all fittings and buckles and use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe down surface of leather to remove loose dirt, dust, hair or moisture.

Step 2 With applicator or soft cloth, apply a small amount to entire surface.

Step 3 Allow the ingredients to penetrate leather for 5-10 minutes.

Step 4 Buff leather with a soft cloth.


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The Perfect Finish Tip

Apply an even coating of leather conditioner to surface of layer liberally.

Apply conditioner to tooling areas and crevices with a paint brush to ensure even coverage.

After initial application, regularly re-apply leather conditioner to moisturise and maintain the leather’s natural characteristic.

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Why this product?

  • Preserves, softens and protects.
  • Won't permanently darker leather.
  • Won't come off on your clothes.
  • Neutral coloured and non-greasy.
  • Protects stitching and Repels water.
  • Easy to apply.


“I am writing this letter to pass on my congratulations on your fabulous products! I have been involved in horses for 25 years and worked for Horseland Saddlery for 8 Years, in that time I have used probably every cleaning/dressing product available in Australia. All pale in significance when compared to your Liquid Soap and Leather Conditioner. ” Cathy Cupit, NSW, Australia