Leave your leather and wood looking its best

Household Leather & Wood

Complete Care System

Leather and wood are complex surfaces that need to be treated with the right products. There is no single product that can provide the perfect treatment for either surface. An effective cleaner will strip moisture from the surface and an everyday wipe won’t penetrate like a effective cleaner that’s why true professional care means three simple steps, cleaning, conditioning and maintenance.








Our intense deep cleaning soap formulation ensures your leather is cleaned of in ground dirt, grime, oils and impurities.

Our conditioning formulation then nourishes the leather restoring its suppleness, natural texture and lustre.

Finally, our maintenance formulation cleans and protects the surface of your leather protecting against further wear. Ideal for everyday use.


Our wood cleaning formulation penetrates wood surfaces to extract and lift dirt from the grain and polishes the timber surfaces to a high lustre.

Just like leather, wood will try, fade and crack over time if not properly conditioned; our wood conditioning formulation will rehydrate wood to prevent the wood natural finish from deteriorating.

Finally, our maintenance wipes are created for everyday use to clean and protect the surface of your valuable wood items while leaving a lustrous shine.

Combined, these three formulations offer the perfect finish, made simple.