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Wood Care Clean and Polish for Timber Furniture with Real Orange Oil
250ml and 500mL


Easily cleans and polishes wood surfaces to a lasting shine, combined with natural orange oil that breaks down dirt, grime and remove wax build-up whilst enhancing the natural wood grains.

For regular use on finished and unfinished surfaces, antique and other wood surfaces. This product is silicone free.

Oakwood Wood Care Clean & Polish is also Independently tested and exceed international ISO standards
• Meets international standards & won’t harm wood
• Does not affect the colour of wood.
• Increased gloss & lustre. Surface feels smoother.
• Protects from abrasion (no damage after 10/50 cycles).
• Performs better than water.

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Suitable for

  • All natural wood products.
  • Furniture.
  • Antiques.
  • Cabinets.
  • Coffee tables.

How to use this product

Step 1 Spray Orange Oil Clean and Polish directly onto wooden surfaces and leave for 1 minute. 

Step 2 With a clean, soft cloth, rub over surface to remove any wax build-up, dirt or grime. 

Step 3 With a soft cloth, buff off excess and polish surface to a lasting shine.


Use Oakwood Wood Preserve and Protect to nourish and protect all wooden furniture.


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The Perfect Finish Tip

Spray Orange Oil Clean and Polish evenly across surface of area to ensure all surface area is liberally coated, before wiping and buffing excess product off the surface.

Untreated and unsealed wood may need more oil, as raw surfaces will absorb the oil naturally. Wipe off any excess and you’re done. ​

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Why this product?

  • Removes wax build up on wooden surfaces with the natural power of orange oil.
  • Polishes wood surface to a lasting shine, enhancing the natural grain of a wooden surface.
  • Silicon free


“Hi there, I have used all of your automotive products and they are amazing. The odour eliminator removed an odour from old food in my car that even a professional steam clean could not fix. Thank you for releasing products that actually work as described and well priced too. ” David Calderara