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Leather Care Deep Clean Soap for Leather Furniture Upholstery & Accessories
250mL and 500mL


Removes stains, in-ground dirt and grime build up. Provides a gentle deep clean to remove dirt, grime, body oils and odours.

Oakwood Leather Care Deep Clean Soap assists in the removal of stains, in-ground dirt and grime build-up on leather surfaces.

Uniquely formulated pH balanced soap that provides a gentle deep clean to remove dirt, grime, body oils and odours from leather items including leather sofas, chairs and even accessories. Provides a deep, fragrance-free clean.

Tested & Guaranteed to a Registered, International Leather Care ISO Quality System.

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Suitable for

  • Old and new fine leather furniture and chairs.
  • Antique leather furniture.
  • Vinyl surfaces.
  • Leather jackets, handbags, belts, shoes and other accessories.

How to use this product

Step 1 Dust off leather.

Step 2 With a soft cloth, apply cleaner directly to leather.

Step 3 Rub well before wiping off excess cleaner and dirt, with a dry cloth.


To condition and moisturise your leather use Oakwood Leather Care Hydrating Cream.


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The Perfect Finish Tip

For stubborn stains and marks use a light, soft bristle brush and gently rub leather cleaner into surface in a circular motion.

Use on your leather items every 2 to 3 months, as part of a regular cleaning regime to ensure your leather product is protected and maintained.

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Why this product?

  • Removes stains, in-ground dirt and grime build up.
  • pH balanced for formulation for a gentle clean to leather surface.
  • Fragrance free formulation.
  • Quick and easy to use spray application.


“I just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased some Oakwood leather cleaner to clean my lounges and was so thrilled with the result. I was so surprised at how effective the product was. I think it even removed some marine paint which my husband unfortunately got on the lounge.” Ruth Mercer, Newcastle