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Pet Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil

Oakwood Pet Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil is a cleansing shampoo that helps maintain a fresh, shiny coat without drying the coat.

Some dogs and cats just seem to attract dirt and emit offensive smells so they need an intensive, yet gentle pet shampoo that also conditions and removes from the coat unpleasant smells.

This pet shampoo will improve coat performance and shine and provide a long lasting, natural Tea Tree Oil after fragrance after every wash.



For long term coat care maintenance, it’s important to regularly condition your pet’s coat. This will ensure the coat is well nourished to help prevent a dry damaged coat and assist in providing a tangle-free, shiny finish. Keeping the coat healthy.

Regular Coat Conditioning will:

  • Nourish and condition the coat after shampooing.
  • Remove stubborn nots and matted tangles within the coat.
  • Provide a professional shiny and silky finish.

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Deep down cleaning with a fresh fragrance

Cleansing, soap free and neutral pH balanced

Suitable for pets with all skin and coat types

Suitable for

  • Pets with all coloured coats
  • Dogs, cats, puppies & kittens.

How to use this product

Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water before applying shampoo along the back and chest of your pet.
Apply to the legs, paws and neck as required.

Massage well into the coat before rinsing thoroughly.

Avoid contact with eyes and inside of ears.

Concentrate formulation
Suitable for hydrobath or pet bathtub use if desired. Can be diluted by mixing 4 parts water to 1 part shampoo.


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The Perfect Finish Tip

Apply Oakwood Aloe Vera Coat Conditioner after washing​, ​to nourish and moisturise coat of pet.

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Why this product?

  • Deep cleaning with a fresh fragrance.
  • pH balanced shampoo for pets with all skin and coat types.
  • Soap free.
  • For cosmetic purposes with no therapeutic benefits.


“Just wanted to let you know how absolutely wonderful the Pet Grooming Glove is. I have an 8 month old Pugalier and her fur shedding has been helped so much with the glove. My only suggestion would be could it be made a little smaller! It is so much better than the brush I originally bought and I am more inclined to brush her almost every day. Her coat looks lovely and I think she likes the massage. Thanks again. ” Linda Gordon, Australia

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